Python 3 compatibility

Intelhex library supports Python 2 (2.4-2.7) and Python 3 (3.2-3.5) without external libraries or 2to3 tool. Enjoy.

I’ve successfully run unit tests of IntelHex against following versions of Python:

2.4.4, 2.5.4, 2.6.6 (32/64 bits), 2.7.9 (32/64 bits), 3.2.5 (32/64 bits), 3.3.5 (32/64 bits), 3.4.3 (32/64 bits), 3.5.0a3 (32/64 bits), and also PyPy 2.5.1 (which is Python 2.7.9)

Which Python version should you use?

If you don’t really know which version of Python (2 or 3) you should use with IntelHex then please check following pre-requisites:

  1. Are you already have some Python installed on your computer and that version is supported by IntelHex (see above)?
  2. Should you use another third-party libraries? If so, check their requirements.
  3. Python 2.7 is the safest choice so far, but if you have a chance then try latest stable Python 3 version.