Embedding into other projects

IntelHex should be easy to embed in other projects. The directory intelhex containing __init__.py can be directly placed in a depending project and used directly. From that project the same import statements described above can be used to make the library work. From other projects the import statement would change to:

>>> from myproject.intelhex import IntelHex

Alternatively, the IntelHex package can be installed into the site-packages directory and used as a system package.

In either case, IntelHex is distributed with a BSD-style license. This permits you to use it in any way you see fit, provided that the package is appropriately credited.

If you’re using IntelHex library in your open-source project, or your company created freely available set of tools, utilities or sdk based on IntelHex library - please, send me email (to alexander belchenko at gmail com) and tell something about your project. I’d like to add name of your project/company to page “Who Uses IntelHex”.